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Experts In Corporate Social Responsibility


Not every organization is big enough to sustain an in-house corporate responsibility practice. We partner with our clients and help manage the overall social impact of your organization. Are you supporting non-profits that complement your mission? Does your corporate culture reflect your commitment to a 21st century paradigm? Are you getting recognition for your efforts in the form of positive public relations? Are your portfolio companies inclusive and garnering awards as great places to work? We integrate all of those factors into your business model and help you focus on your "triple bottom line" - people, planet, and profit.

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Transforming Crisis With Communication 


Our shop has a long history of helping clients mitigate damage to their reputation from outside sources. We work with your internal team and with counsel to help craft an immediate response... but we also believe in having a plan and pieces of the answer in place beforehand - whether you ever need them or not. Whatever the problem, we can help diffuse it... and turn it into opportunity.

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Creating New Philanthropic Impact


We help venture cap firms, law firms, professional services organizations, and individual investors look at their philanthropic pursuits with a more holistic vision. We don't just act as advisors, though. We act as your organization's "Chief Impact Officer" and address your giving across the lifespan of the process. We help assess what you are already doing and we adapt that to a coherent strategy... then we help implement the strategy and we measure the impact; both for your business and for those that you support with your efforts. The whole goal is to "do good" while doing well with your bottom line. That doesn't happen without a well defined plan and a pathway. We don't just tell you how to get there, we take the trip as part of your team... and we make sure that you avoid any pitfalls along the way.

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