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Strategic support for global initiatives


Everyone knows that consumers are demanding more from the companies that they do business with... but, despite what you may have been told, the millennial generation isn't in high school or college. Millennials are older than you think and they are ascending to the head of the table in family offices across the globe. They're also cashing out IPOs and imagining the next great tech or med start-up. They are the folks who invest big money and dream big dreams... and you need to do more to attract them to your firm. The venture cap and private equity playing field is more competitive than ever before, as many entrepreneurs turn to bootstrapping. Let's face it, there's a reason a certain iconic maker of black fleece vests stopped embroidering them for investment shops. A solid corporate social responsibility plan can change your story's focus and set you apart.


It's not as easy as you think , though. In the current climate, it's just not enough to throw up some social media posts supporting social change. To be blunt, simply taking "Aunt Jemima" off of the syrup bottle doesn't lead to any real change. The heavy lifting comes in far less obvious ways. We all do philanthropic work... but is it congruent with our corporate mission...? There are ways to use your power to build a better world, all while strengthening your brand.

Quite frequently, we help investors and entrepreneurs build meaningful global responsibility practices, as well as environmental, social, and governance practices into their portfolio's DNA. Usually, we come in at later stages, though, and find that firms mistake simple "impact investing" for social responsibility efforts. We can help your firm make the impact that you're looking to make and get the recognition and consumer engagement that you deserve.

While we focus on financial firms, our experience in building public private partnerships withing municipalities and state government can help us bridge important gaps in a time when even small cities and towns need to be aware of cultural issues.

Whether you head up an investment firm, a municipal government, a corporate entity, or an industry association, we'd love to talk to you about current CSR/ESG trends and the way that you can "do good" while doing well.  Reach out and let us know what we can do to help.

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